Evonne is an international top brand wedding dress and wedding dress integration center. We are acting brand are mature, strong historical flavor of the classic brand, with quality assurance, brand awareness and advanced private custom design advantages.

We are not only in pursuit of fashion, but one can inherit the wedding dress, no matter how noisy city, the pace of life is how impetuous, every bride Evonne can experience an intimate and comfortable environment test yarn. We will spend a free afternoon together, and you chat with our ideal perfect wedding, for you to recommend the most suitable for your wedding dress.

Wedding dress is not only a beautiful dress, from more than two thousand years ago, it has been given too many blessings and the beauty of holiness. Wedding dress, the achievement of the most beautiful moments of every girl. It seems to have a powerful magic, warm the hearts of everyone. I think every girl is looking forward to a unique marriage.

Evonne is currently the agent of what brand?

Spain high-end fashion group Pronovias's senior White Sposa and series La series It s my party 'dress; Israel's top wedding custom brand Laha Galia, the United States top wedding brand Bridals Alllure, and has a delicate review and luxury restraint on behalf of the Demestrios and so on.

Why don't we design our own wedding dress brand?

Western wedding into China only less than 30 years, the operation of the domestic wedding market development, far from Europe and the United States mature. Frankly, at present, we can not find in the domestic design, workmanship and our agents can be comparable to the brand's hand making factory. A good wedding dress is not only an independent designer's work, but also a very high demand in the work and production.

Brand design team a perfect, high-quality, mostly in more than 30 people, including the control of the pearl industry, fashion details, version type team, purchasing team, the high technical requirements, a clear division of labor division team, making important a good wedding.

International first-class wedding dress, dress brand, top design and production team. So, we are confident, in these top wedding dress brand, there is always a special belong to your unique.